Trying WebKit on Emacs

Last week, I read an article about WebKit‘s Emacs integration and I get interested in this kind of solution, surfing web inside Emacs looks like a good idea, like “What?! I don’t need go out Emacs? Good!”. I’m a “text-mode” guy, but, last years until now, I start to use more the X11 with the very handy Emacs Server & emacsclient.

The current Emacs WebKit implementation is in alpha stage and this is “sad”. In my laptop, a Slackware 14.2 @ Dell Vostro 3560, I recompile my recompiled Emacs’ version with two additional options:

--with-x-toolkit=gtk3 \

After restart my Emacs version I realize: nothing was broke! Great! I can run WebKit now! … I opened a graphical frame and ran the command xwidget-webkit-browse-url with my blog’s url as argument and… nothing happened!

Well, my Emacs opened in text-mode was flooded with WebKit‘s messages, like when we run Firefox from a terminal. Too bad! I couldn’t see my blog and I get debug messages on my Emacs environment – It’s ok, is alpha code, if stable, I will stay using it… – I thought. But, when I closed X11, the older Emacs killer GTK bug was invoked! Solution: purge the above cited options and return to my old and safe options:


Maybe, next time I will try WebKit again. I was intent only an exercise and, for now, I can integrate Emacs with other applications using Org Protocol and emacsclient.

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